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Technology-enabled process that rapidly drives client application through service 

Client Application / Intake

Initial Authorization

Service Authorization

Client Application / Intake

Initial Authorization

Service Authorization (within 24 hours)

Services Offered

We will provide services specifically designed to help you your child, or otherwise provide you with referrals to other professionals. Our behavioral services include, but are not limited to, individual assessments (behavioral evaluations), training, in-home and in-school observations, long term ABA service provision to youth in the autism spectrum, and short-term consultation with individuals,
parents, educators, and other related professionals.

Strategic Locations

LBAPS maintains multiple locations:

Regional Branches

The Company maintains regional offices in  markets of strategic importance

Each regional office is staffed with local, well-trained personnel who have significant experience in the industry


LBAPS corporate headquarters are conveniently located in the heart of Midwood in NYC Houses the company’s senior management, as well as billing,  finance, operations, marketing, IT & administrative functions

Technological Advances

LBAPS headquarters provide a team of skilled developers updating our platforms to meet the growing technological needs of LBAPS company.


We believe that as LBAPS grows, our capacity expands along with additional staffing and supports for our new locations!

Efficient Services

We are able to support mothers, children and schools in a journey of autism called, “life,”
To experience the modeling, molding, and reinforcing behavior without strife.
We infuse the mothers, children and schools with knowledge, peace and capacity
Teaching recognition that the “whole” child is important to the family.
Delving into the social, communication and behavioral continuum of functionality.


Clinical Licensed Behavior Analysts & Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Responsibilities include

Behavior Technicians & Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT’s)

Responsibilities include

Join Our LBAPS Team

Are you looking for a position where you see progress happen in real life? Where you get to watch children master their goals? If so, then a position within LBAPS ABA program is for you! We are currently hiring Registered Behavior Technicians or Paraprofessionals (with a high school diploma) for our growing program.

Join our large team and grow through

What You'll Do

What You'll Need

We have three opportunites for hire

A paraprofessional at LBAPS is responsible for the direct implementation of child specific Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs as written by the Behavior Analyst. RBTs work with the child and family by providing behavioral interventions and skill acquisition programming.

Join Our LBAPS Team

Talent Acquisition Specialist: Location (Varies)

Job Description

LBAPS At A Glance

Behavioral Health ABA services are designed to target clients, which are ages 1-21, through a comprehensive program, including the parents, schools and therapists to ensure significant functional progress in their lives in the areas of: language, communication, social interaction and behavior

Founded year 2017


Serviced over 1000 clients since inception


in New York City with locations in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Texas, and Upstate New York.

Best In Class Service & Success Rates


Homes and Community Centers

About Us

With a mission to service high-functioning  autistic children and teens LBAPS provides

LBAPS drives success through empowerment! As a woman owned business, LBAPS has been a seedling program and is now moving towards the support of a successful empire! Join us for the beautiful experience as we change, “one life at a time!”

The Process for ABA therapy


United healthcare- Child health plus commercial Oxford
Commercial UHC
Commercial Empire (not JLJ or VFG), Commercial Anthem
Emblem Medicaid
Beacon based insurance
NYS Medicaid benefit card

We aim to hire professional, courteous and trained staff to work with our clients. We do extensive reference check prior to hiring. All ABA therapists must review our training. New ABA therapist are required to observe ABA sessions from another experienced therapist.

We realize that every child is unique. Not every successful therapist works well with all children. Therefore, aside from the reference checks, LBAPS takes additional precautions prior to assigning a therapist to a case.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. In a home program you have the opportunity to see how the people working with your child preform. When your child is in school you don’t exactly know what’s going on as you are not there to observe the situation. School staff as well as home staff require supervision and training. It may take time until “any” staff will know how to deal with your child.
Of course, it is a blessing when you have someone coming into your home who has it all figured out and knows exactly how to deal and teach your child. But this is not always the case. Since every child is unique it may take time even for an experienced therapist to learn how to work with your child in particular. Your child’s BCBA will be there to train and observe and make sure that the therapists are implementing the programs correctly. In general, it may take time for an ABA Home Program to be fully successful, and may require patience from your end.

Of course, you should share ideas and advice with the individuals working with your child. However, you should not interrupt during a session. You can schedule 10-15 minutes before the session or after to discuss any concerns, helpful tips, or information.

As we explained, you will need to give a chance for any new therapist. However, there is always a possibility that a therapist is just not the right match. Please discuss with your BCBA or call our office and we will try to resolve in a courteous way without hurting anyone.