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We are LBAPS

Make an impact on the next generation of NY Kids

Here to Care

Supporting the Children of the Empire state

LBAPS is an established company servicing the great state of NY, focusing on children with language, communication, and behavioral delays. We offer insurance-funded Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and group instruction, producing functional outcomes for children with autism, at no charge to parents.

Family Centered

ABA at LBAPS is family-centric, and accounts for the child's dynamic life

We connect with families to change lives, providing comprehensive, insurance-funded ABA services from school to home. Through ABA therapy, we deliver functional outcomes for children with autism at no cost to parents.

Our therapy focuses on pivotal skills, reducing problem behaviors and fostering meaningful interactions. Parents can receive training to learn to support their children alongside our expert team.

Servicing over 25+ States

We are a powerful hub, Supporting hundreds of American kids.

LBAPS, is an evolving ABA Services company which began expanding across the states in 2022. The growth is attributed to the quality ABA Services we provide, aligning with care, compliance, and technological advances in the healthcare industry. As the powerful hub behind our nationwide network of ABA centers, we provide the strength to support children throughout our locations with professionalism and quality care.

Beyond ABA

We go beyond typical ABA, with long-term support, and parent training

We provide children with support within private and public schools, offering much needed resources and funding to enhance classroom experiences, for both the children and their educators. Our services range from IEP-based to group social skills sessions, even directly funding extracurricular activities such as physical education, crafts, and outdoor activities, enriching school programs beyond ABA therapy.

At LBAPS, we’re committed to dedicated service, empowering families, and changing lives.

Early intervention can change a life.

Research shows that quality early interention can vastly improve learning, communication and social skills, as well as development

Autism is like a fingerprint, no two are alike

- Karla Culbertson