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Child holding a Kiddush Cup

Make it Their Own – Kadesh

Who doesn’t like Kiddush?

The Seder has so many beautiful moments with opportunities to highlight a sensory experience and make it more interactive for the kids. After all – Pesach is for the kids!

In the following series of posts, called Make it Their Own, we will walk through the entire Seder, and introducing cute ideas and ways to make the Seder theirs, and how to implement them in the easiest fashion.


Result: A cute self-serve kiddush kit

For this one, we’re going to make:

  • A Crafty Kiddush Cup
  • Kid-friendly Grape Juice Bottle


  • Transparent 2-3oz Cup (Look for a hard plastic dessert cup/goblet in the baking aisle)
  • Mini Grape Juice Bottle (Kedem 8oz Bottle is perfect for this)
  • Acrylic Paint Markers OR if you prefer washable markers, use our print out!
  • Glue (if using our print out)
  • Painting Smock/Bib

Kiddush Cup

Using the acrylic paint markers, to paint directly on the cup and design a beautiful Kiddush cup! If the thought of non-washable paint make you squirmy, print out our Kiddush cup template, and use the washable markers or similar to design your cup. When done designing, apply glue to one end of the cup wrapper and wrap your cup – viola! You have your very own Kiddush Cup.

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Grape Juice Bottle

Get your child involved and let them pour the Kiddush themselves – every kid’s dream. I recommend buying those Kedem 8oz Grape Juice bottles, pouring out its contents to a different container and filling it with whatever level of diluted grape juice you are comfortable with.

You can leave this bottle as-is or get crafty with it as well! Either paint it or print out our Grapejuice cut out as well and follow the same process as for the cup.

To bring it all together, get a large plastic plate to place under the Kiddush cup to avoid spillage.

and that’s it! The kids are busy with their craft and Kadesh is now covered,

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