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Child washing his hands

Make it Their Own – Urchatz

One, two, three, one, two, three.

Hand washing sure can be a fun sensory experience, there’s a couple things we can do here.

During the Seder, some have the custom of bringing a washing cup and basin to the table and to have their hands washed, like royalty. Let’s use this opportunity!

Assign them the task of filling up the cup at the sink and washing others’ hands,

How do we make it their? With a crafty drying towel!

What you’ll need:

  • A White Hand Towel (low pile is easier to craft with)
  • Permanent Markers (You can use washable, but the art will be lost once it’s washed or used to dry hands)

Before Pesach, set some time for your young ones to make their very own hand drying towel. Each gets their own blank white towel, and they get to color it as they please, and design it for Pesach.

When it comes to the Seder, each child will proudly use their own crafty towel!

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