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The 4 Questions Game – Mah Nishtana Cards

Two hands dipping

Everyone wants a chance to stand up on the chair and say the Mah Nishtana, and for a kid this could be a very significant moment. They may get flustered from the attention and lose their words, then get frustrated when they forget the order or the words to say. To make it easier, use […]

Make it Their Own – Urchatz

Child washing his hands

One, two, three, one, two, three. Hand washing sure can be a fun sensory experience, there’s a couple things we can do here. During the Seder, some have the custom of bringing a washing cup and basin to the table and to have their hands washed, like royalty. Let’s use this opportunity! Assign them the […]

Make it Their Own – Kadesh

Child holding a Kiddush Cup

Who doesn’t like Kiddush? The Seder has so many beautiful moments with opportunities to highlight a sensory experience and make it more interactive for the kids. After all – Pesach is for the kids! In the following series of posts, called Make it Their Own, we will walk through the entire Seder, and introducing cute […]

Prepare for Transitions

Facilitate smoother transitions of the Seder’s steps, by using visual cues, like a spinner! Assign related tasks for your child to complete for each step on the spinner, even as simple as picking a figurine! Print our spinner below, cut out the circle

An Ounce of Planning is a Pound of… – Pesach Calendar

Routine is a cornerstone for all children, but particularly for children with ASD. Pesach is a massive break in that routine. No school – no structure. Helping your child familiarize themselves with what to expect on Pesach, will help them stay regulated and keep them feeling like they are part of the process. For example, […]

New Pesach Resources Daily!

Pesach resources? For the whole family, check in DAILY to find our growing stash of printouts to support your Seder and Pesach!